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Re: Updated Fedora 12 Schedule--Final Release Date 2009-11-10

John Poelstra wrote:
As a follow-up to last week's announcement changing the date for the Fedora 12 Alpha release,

https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-announce/2009-August/msg00006.html the remaining tasks in the Fedora 12 schedule have been adjusted by one week.


The new milestones are as follows:

2009-08-25  Alpha Release
2009-09-22  Software Translation Deadline
2009-09-29  Beta (Final Development) Freeze
2009-10-13  Beta Release
2009-10-27  Compose & Stage Release Candidate
2009-11-10  Fedora 12 Final Release

Updated detailed schedules are available here:

iCal files for each team are here (files ending in .ics):


Is there any way to get notification, when packages (re)build is done?

I am referring to task - "Ongoing Test Package Builds for Translation Review, Thu 2009-09-10 to Mon 2009-09-14" from the schedule, where FLP (Fedora Localization Project) team of translators might want to know whether the packages they have translated are rebuilt along with latest translations or not.


Ankit Patel

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