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Re: Kernel 2.6.29 for F10

This would be ok if you never pushed it to updates-testing
But if you do that it's logical for test-users that they can start testing and not getting
2.6.27 after that - Push it to updatestesting is like "go on" and after that step there
should be no package-conflicts if they were

THANK YOU for today to help to solve my problems which are nearly killing me
because i have no time and energy for downgrades 4 days before my healthy issues (medical
operation) especially after working the last weeks day and night nearly to burn-out with
other things which had to be done before

> On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 10:13:10AM -0500, Joe Nall wrote:
> One of the reasons we haven't pushed them as proper updates is that
> getting the regressions fixed is pretty time consuming, and the limited
> X/KMS manpower we have is better focused on making the F12 stuff work right,
> and getting it upstream.

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