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Re: Fedora 12 Features Proposed for Removal

On 08/06/2009 04:39 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> After requesting status updates, including direct email to the feature
>> > owners, the following feature pages do not have a current status or their
>> > ability to tested during the Alpha is unclear based on the lack of
>> > information provided or percentage of completion.
>> >
>> > https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/FedoraMoblin
> I'm the maintainer of this. I think its very much in a similar
> category to gnome/kde. The only difference is there is some packages
> still awaiting review, about 2 that are actually critical, but moblin
> 2 like gnome etc are still in there development phase so its a moving
> target.

I'm concerned about FESCo's decision to drop this feature for Fedora 12.
The more that I think about this, the more I agree with what Peter has
written above. I think that Moblin support in Fedora is something that
is useful to a wide audience of users, and that Peter has made every
effort to address the concerns raised by FESCo. I do not think it is
necessary for a spin to be made available to consider this a noteworthy

I've asked FESCo to reconsider the Moblin feature at their meeting on
Friday, and I hope they will reconsider their decision.


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