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Re: Add Moblin Desktop group to comps

On Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:06:33 +0100
Peter Robinson <pbrobinson gmail com> wrote:

> Depends on which bits you look at. Most of the packages are based on
> Fedora packages, the whole lot is built using the suse build system.

Depends on how you look at it ;-)

A bit less than half our packages are created using specbuilder, from a
small ini file. For a bunch of these we did borrow the Fedora
description of the package. You can expect Moblin to increasingly use
specbuilder going forward
(including tools we're developing right now to create as much of the
specbuilder metadata as possible straight from the upstream tarbal).

> The NM/connman is an interesting split. 

The Moblin OS uses Connman for everything networking. This is a
different architecture than what Fedora does, where Fedora
has /etc/sysconfig and other scripts that do part of the work etc. At
first this looks like a minor change, but it's kinda fundamental.

I'm not saying that the Fedora style is bad, it's just not what we
picked for the Moblin OS, and it's probably not what Fedora would have
done had they started from scratch.

> > What we really do need is some more directed coordination between
> > the two projects.
> That would be fabulous, but only time will tell.

Moblin and Fedora have rather different objectives. I'd be happy to work
together on areas of joint interest, but I don't see the OSes as a
whole converge, rather they will diverge even more than they already

Arjan van de Ven 	Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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