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gwenview - Re: Orphaning packages

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009 14:31:28 +0400, Pavel wrote:

> 23.08.2009 02:15, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) wrote:
> >> My point was different: I want use gwenview but don't always use
> >> kdegrapics, wich have big size. So, I often use it in XFCE.
> >
> > But packaging an obsolete standalone package which is no longer released
> > standalone by upstream and which conflicts with another package containing
> > the current version surely cannot be the solution, and the resulting file
> > conflicts are a violation of Fedora's guidelines.
> Ok. I'll try ask maintainer of kdegraphics to split gwenview into 
> separate package.

Doubtful. How much will that save? - A typical problem with KDE apps is
that not only they pull in some KDE libraries, the KDE packages come with
lots of additional KDE-specific dependencies.

 ktorrent                         i586           3.2.3-1.fc11              updates                   3.3 M
Installing for dependencies:
 akonadi                          i586           1.2.0-1.fc11              updates-testing           682 k
 kdebase-workspace                i586           4.3.0-8.fc11              updates-testing            14 M
 kdebase-workspace-libs           i586           4.3.0-8.fc11              updates-testing           906 k
 kdepimlibs-akonadi               i586           4.3.0-2.fc11              updates-testing           505 k
 kdm                              i586           4.3.0-8.fc11              updates-testing           1.9 M
 qt-mysql                         i586           1:4.5.2-2.fc11            updates                    53 k

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