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network issues with kernel-

Hi all,

I hope somebody can confirm this:

The last days I had some trouble with my networking (both wireless and
ethernet) in forms of high latency, strange arp behaviour etc. 

Today I could not even ping anything outside. The problem seemed to be

1. arp replys were ignored

2. if arp -s was used, anything else was ignored for the userspace

That means: I pinged my nameserver, and tcpdump showed request and
replys happily flowing around. 
But: ping did not get any packet. It reported 100% packet loss.

That applies to any other userspace prog that uses a socket.

I also had some wireless errors (iwlagn: microcode error) in my dmesg
the days before.	

Currently I am using kernel- and the problem
arised after some minutes again. Looks like a buffer run full or

Is there a workaround?

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