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Re: gwenview - Re: Orphaning packages

Kevin Kofler wrote:
> It's not like those dependencies bite. ;-) HDD space is cheap. I don't find
> it scandalous that ktorrent drags in kdebase-workspace nor that kdebase-
> workspace drags in Akonadi (and thus MySQL, which is a hard requirement of
> Akonadi) and I'm not sure the current subpackage explosion (FYI, rdieter
> split out subpackages to break both the links in the offending chain: in
> upcoming updates, ktorrent no longer requires kdebase-workspace, only the
> kde-plasma-ktorrent subpackage does, and kdebase-workspace no longer
> requires akonadi, only the kdebase-workspace-akonadi subpackage does) are a
> step in the right direction (as they mean the default installations of both
> ktorrent and kdebase-workspace/Plasma will be missing features). I'd rather
> have "unneccessary" dependencies than useful features not installed by
> default.

It would be nice if things could be set up such that kdebase-workspace-akonadi 
gets installed by default if both kdebase-workspace and akonadi are installed, 
but not if only one of them is installed.

If RPM had a "Suggests" tag it would at least be possible to inform users that 
there is a related package available that they can install if they want to.

Björn Persson

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