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Re: gwenview - Re: Orphaning packages

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Michael Schwendt wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Aug 2009 00:07:48 +0200, Kevin wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> > A quick way to actually check for such dependencies is to 
switch to
>> > another desktop environment, say Xfce, remove all the KDE 
packages and
>> > install one of the KDE apps. It usually reveals 
dependencies which
>> > are rather silly. I have seen kde-settings, background 
packages and
>> > kdebase pull in odd dependencies on occasions.  k3b, 
ktorrent, scribus
>> > et all are often used outside KDE.
>> It's not like those dependencies bite. ;-) HDD space is 
cheap. I don't find 
>> it scandalous that ktorrent drags in kdebase-workspace nor 
that kdebase-
>> workspace drags in Akonadi (and thus MySQL, which is a hard 
requirement of 
>> Akonadi)
> The problem with kdebase-workspace (and kdm) is not disk 
> Installing the kdebase-workspace package enables KDE X 
sessions for users.

Oh dear, run for your lives. Last I used GDM, I didn't know 
where to change the session type (I was looking). I haven't used 
it in over a year since it's one of the first things to get 
replaced on my systems. Looking at a screenshot with solar[1] I 
see a restart, a shutdown, a power, and an accessibility button. 
Nothing about sessions. Certainly not visible at least. So I 
fail to see why this would be any issue at all. What am I 

- --Ben

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