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Re: fedora-pkgdb: make it discoverable on browser home page?

On Wednesday 26 August 2009 11:33:57 drago01 wrote:

> > This was actually the goal of Amber project https://fedorahosted.org/amber/wiki/Definition. The project stalled for almost a year. Then I wanted to join and take over  Amber development but we decided to better move the features into  pkgdb and work together.
> I don't think pkgdb is the right place for this it can serve as a
> backend (better would be to just access the underlying db directly,
> for performance reasons), but the frontend is to developer and package
> oriented.
We didn't discuss the exact location of the frontend yet so I believe this is still open.
> > I also like the original Amber mockups (I believe they were created by Mike Langlie). You can see them here http://mbacovsk.fedorapeople.org/Amber/mockups/.
> > Any feedback is welcome.
> http://mbacovsk.fedorapeople.org/Amber/mockups/Fedora_apps.png
> Should show categories first and than this view.
You are right. I would like this mockup rather for search resluts page. Front page should offer more ways to choose right application.
> http://mbacovsk.fedorapeople.org/Amber/mockups/Fedora_app_page.png
> Use a install rather than "Download" button.
In Amber we counted on packagekit plugin, so Install could be available. But I did not investigated much if there are issues with this solution.

> The "Add Category" feature does not make sense imho. (same for tags)
> Don't show "X-Redhat-Base" what is that supposed to mean to the user?
> "Application" does not make sense as a category.
In Amber, Categories were imported form application .desktop file. In pkgdb separate categories should be droped and we will prepopulate tags with .desktop categories during the import. Filtering them during import might be good idea though.

> Remove the "packages" section, why should a user care about this?
This was probably inteded as a link to related package to give more experienced users the possibilty to check package related information, what other applications are contained within the package and so on. No problem to ommit this if needed.

Thanks for your comments.



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