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another spin of TeX Live 2009 packages


first off, thanks many people who sent me RFE and bugfix
proposals. I've tried to fix most of them in the current package set
in the testing repository:

rpm -i http://jnovy.fedorapeople.org/texlive/texlive-release-2009-0.1.fc11.noarch.rpm

If you use the older TeX Live 2009 packages, please reinstall them

yum remove texlive
(and to be sure rm -rf /usr/share/texlive, due to ordering it could
leave some directories there)
yum clean all
yum install texlive <or other packages>

The reason for it is the following list of improvements:
- binary packages do no more have the '.ARCH' postfix, the postfix
  changed to '-bin'
- new font support add new 'fedora-fonts' packages which allows you to
  use TeX Live 2009 fonts (TrueType and OpenType for now) in Fedora
- packages for TeX Live t1utils and psutils are no more built but
  dependencies to existing utilities in Fedora are added
- kpathsea packages should now be correctly obsoleted. The
  lcdf-typetools dep errors you might see installing
  texlive-collection-fontutils is caused by the fact that
  lcdf-typetools in Fedora is linked against kpathsea libraries and
  TeX Live 2009 increases the soname so lcdf-typetools will work after
  rebuilt with the new kpathsea
- fixed texlive-xetex conflict with older TL2007 packages
- added older tetex-latex, etc. provides for compatibility (you are
  now able to install TL2009 together with R analysis package, etc.)
- new packages should automatically clear /var/lib/texmf in %post
  scriptlets to avoid format incompatibilities

I haven't added obsoletes to .ARCH packages to keep spes files
readable and because TL2009 packages are not yet imported.

The spec format should be final now. Only some font formats can be
added or the Fedora font support updated for a bit.

I will announce next repo updates here:


Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com>   http://people.redhat.com/jnovy/

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