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Re: gwenview - Re: Orphaning packages

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Not on netbooks it isn't! I'd have to buy a new machine to get bigger
than the 4 G ssd I currently have.

Doesn't that thing even have a cardreader slot or something like that?

Yes, but it's not usable for system storage. The one and only time I tried to arrange for it to mount on boot (which would, I think, be needed to put anything yum-managed there in a way that isn't an insane hack), I had quite the time getting the machine to boot again.

Granted that was partly because inexperience made it fun figuring out how to edit fstab when booted from a rescue disk (which fortunately I had handy!!), but...

Then IMHO you made a really bad buying decision...

Nah, I *love* my Asus. The small ssd isn't really a *problem*, it just means I have to adjust my expectations that I won't be installing everything plus the kitchen sink, software-wise. (Plus the 8G models weren't out when I bought it.)

Besides, even if it /was/ a bad decision, it only cost <$325 (including tax) ;-).

But then again I just hate netbooks altogether [...] as things like
screen "resolution" (pixel count, really),

The screen size issue was I think inevitable, as people in general are turning less to "workstation computers" and more to mobile devices... not just netbooks, but tablets and even phones. I don't buy the theory that "workstation computers" are going to go away (after all, they said that about the mainframe), but I wouldn't be surprised if they become much more "niche", to the point where few people have one in their homes any more. (I heard somewhere this is already happening in Asia.)

Like it or not, the vicious hardware upgrade cycle has been broken, and the days of being able to count on people eventually having bigger and better hardware are gone.

Or, put differently, "what Adam said". Sorry, but I agree with him here; "[hardware] is cheap" is not a good attitude.

RAM size,

There is something wrong with having 1 G of RAM? If so, I haven't yet experienced it. (And that number is only going to go up...)

storage size etc. are reminiscent of computers from times long past.
And when it comes to portability, they can't compete with my TI-89. ;-)

...but does it run Fedora? ;-)

I can see a TI-89 *might* be able to keep up with kwrite from a note-taking standpoint, but no way it could replace my Asus for how I use it. Having a *full computer* that is the size of a (hardcover) book and weights <1kg is wonderful for me.

I actually bought the thing just before taking a business trip. I took my regular (company) laptop to the office the first day. After that, I just brought my Asus. It did everything I needed on that trip, and is soooo much easier to carry around (and it's small enough to comfortably use in restaurants).

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