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F12 Alpha problems

Couple problems I see that may or may not be known yet..

1 - Evolution won't accept the restore option (using the
evolution-backup.tar.gz) when first started.  Keeps starting over (the
initial setup menu) after it tries to restore the settings.  Also it
seems that if you have filters installed and one of them is to a missing
folder or something, evo will stop processing filters when it runs into
it and won't bypass it and continue on.

2 - When trying to start the Appearance program, it starts but closes
itself after a few seconds without being able to click on anything.  Ran
it via shell and below is what turns up..

[mike scrappy ~]$ gnome-appearance-properties %F
calling CanSetSystem: 1

(gnome-appearance-properties:6188): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_color_equal:
assertion `colorb != NULL' failed

This on an updated rawhide system, with F12 Alpha install + updates.
BTW, tried a rawhide install, which worked, but kernel wouldn't boot due
to vfs or something, which others have already brought up.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

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