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Page size pain / localisation / possible F13 feature

Hi everyone.

Living in a European milieu I generally prefer my page sizes to be set to the likes of A4. One thing which keeps aggravating me is the myriad places where I keep having to repeat to the computer my preference.

In Thunderbird and Firefox right now, if I open up 'Page Settings' it says 'US Letter'. The one and only printer I have only has A4 (and is set that way), and I've told Fedora in various places that I'm in the UK and speak British English. OOo somehow gets it right; potentially this is something I overrode at some point - I still have various letter-shaped documents and PDFs on my system.

Clearly something is missing. /etc/papersize is empty, paperconf returns 'a4', /etc/libpaper.d is empty, the default printer is set to my A4 printer, 'locale' outputs lots of en_GB entries but $LC_PAPER isn't set.

I've been through every Preference and Administrative menu option I can find which might be relevant, including a few which weren't, and I've no idea how all this stuff is supposed to be hooked up. If there is some overriding admin option, I've missed it (and the accompanying docs ;). This is a real pain point which could probably solved _really_ easily.

There was a localisation feature proposed for F10:


... that attempts to solve the more general issue (keyboard layouts etc., which have also bitten me - it's not very obvious at all how to set that stuff properly at the moment).

Is there any additional interest (other than me!) for getting this feature back on its feet again for F13?



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