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Re: Firefox addon for Fedora-pkgdb search

Oops...I think I screwed up a bit again.

I've already prepared a pkgdb open search plugin a few months ago but did not publish/announce it:((( (I run of time, wanted to review it again, but should have done it nevertheless)

You can try it from here:

It implements also the suggestions based on a local cache of packages. As it currently runs on one of my very old machines with unreliable connection, the suggestions might not work properly as they might time out.

I've also copied all my scripts to the above link now:

makePkgCache.py -- queries pkgdb for a package list and updates local cache, should be croned every day or so search.py -- performs a search in such a way that if the searched package name is a full match of existing package, it displays the proper pkgdb page, otherwise it performs a search among existing packages.
suggest.py -- responds for suggestions
pkgcache.py -- local cache

I'm very very sorry for this as I'm sure that I've partially invalidated my/your/both work, which is just bad:(

Could you try to merge my and your work somehow? I'd be glad if you would do this and keep an eye of this feature so that it will land on pkgdb's pages sooner or later.

Thanks in advance!

Dne 19.8.2009 15:35, Adam Miller napsal(a):
Hello all,
     I decided posting this to the devel-list would be most appropriate
because I assume it to be the crowd who would put something like this
to use (but I could be wrong). I threw together a little Firefox AddOn
that adds the pkgdb as a search option and then spoke with Máirín
Duffy about a logo and she was nice enough to put together one awesome
logo for the addon (thanks again for that!). I'm also in discussion
with Luke Macken about making something similar except for Fedora
Community, more on that once it comes to life but in the mean time,



P.S. - If this was the wrong list to post to, many apologies and I'm
open to suggestion on where to shoot info like this :)

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