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Re: cpqarrayd for fedora 11 and 12

On 27/08/09 16:08, Peter Jones wrote:
On 08/27/2009 06:02 AM, Howard Wilkinson wrote:
I have had to patch the code for cpqarrayd to get it working under
Fedora 11. It was failing with a stack smashing exception. I have fixed
this by replacing stack structures with dynamic allocation. Where should
I send the patch ... the last development on this was in 2007 so it is
probably not being maintained, although I will try to contact the author.
Congrats, you get to be maintainer (and possibly the only remaining user)
of cpqarrayd.

Is it really true that nobody else uses cpqarrayd? If so what do people use to monitor the HP/Compaq hardware in the Proliant range of servers?

If I had found one I would use an SNMP plugin and monitor via SNMP, but not tracked one down yet!

My 'fix' is just removing the 'cause' of the stack smash, it does not change any function hence maintaining this is not something I am (yet) qualified to do.

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