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Re: Some ideas/questions about yum

On Fri, 28 Aug 2009, Hedayat Vatnakhah wrote:

You don't need to know about all existing repositories, since you can still resolve file level dependencies. In such
cases you'll be forced to download the other file I mentioned (primary_file_deps.db).
I don't see why you'll need to recreate all repos when one of them changes! Sorry :( And its impossible to state anything
about the last item.

You're going to pretty much instantly download the complete filelists then b/c if you add ANY 3rd party repo you're going to need /bin/sh probably immediately along with various and sundry items in /etc/.

Now - an argument could be made for nuking /bin/sh deps from orbit but that's going to have to happen at another layer than this.

IMHO, even a single php/python script can provide such a XML RPC service (web service was just an example). Mirrors could
get this file just like the other files when syncing. But well, it'll be http only. The GPG sign issue could be
problematic, but would you really need to sign the traffic?!

1. a lot of our mirrors won't want to run any app
2. some of our mirrors are not running on linux (or sometimes not even on a unix)
3. it makes 'mirroring' things much harder in the traditional sense
4. yes you need to sign it otherwise you'll get the same set of problems we just dealt with last fall. We have to sign the metadata to make sure clients aren't screwed.


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