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Re: Firefox addon for Fedora-pkgdb search

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 5:16 PM, Milos Jakubicek<xjakub fi muni cz> wrote:
> I'm very very sorry for this as I'm sure that I've partially invalidated
> my/your/both work, which is just bad:(
> Could you try to merge my and your work somehow? I'd be glad if you would do
> this and keep an eye of this feature so that it will land on pkgdb's pages
> sooner or later.

I honestly don't see how I can merge the two its just a little xml
file and ours are actually using different versions of the OpenSearch
spec and I'm using pkgdb's search function while you're using the
suggest function (granted I don't know what those two do on the back
end so it might be the same).


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