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Re: Some ideas/questions about yum

>  1. Since Fedora 4, Fedora doesn't support installing software from DVD "out of the box". Fedora 8 is an exception here. Currently, it seems that the work is almost done (99% completed as in [1]), and fixing the remaining 1% doesn't seem to need much work but unfortunately it seems that it is stopped. I think requesting a small collaboration between the feature owner, PolicyKit and/or GIO people is not too much.

I have done that part 100% for yumex nextgen
and it will work in F12 since the patch was accepted upstream
(you just need to copy media.repo from the DVD to /etc/yum.repos.d/)

but the PK implementation got a problem
either we modify the file

to grant root to access

or wait till the PK API is rewritten so that mounting is done in the
non-privileged  console user part

and since the second option can't be done in F12 time
and the first option is needs a policy change [which I can't change]
you won't have this feature in F12

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