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Re: Firefox addon for Fedora-pkgdb search

Dne 28.8.2009 23:33, Adam Miller napsal(a):
On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 5:16 PM, Milos Jakubicek<xjakub fi muni cz>  wrote:
I'm very very sorry for this as I'm sure that I've partially invalidated
my/your/both work, which is just bad:(

Could you try to merge my and your work somehow? I'd be glad if you would do
this and keep an eye of this feature so that it will land on pkgdb's pages
sooner or later.

I honestly don't see how I can merge the two its just a little xml
file and ours are actually using different versions of the OpenSearch
spec and I'm using pkgdb's search function while you're using the
suggest function (granted I don't know what those two do on the back
end so it might be the same).

Well, imo the point is that we should try to enable the users to get to the desired package info page (from which they can access builds/updates/sources/bugs) in shortest possible time, therefore I've implemented the suggestions (which, if running on a reliable box, provide an instant way how to ensure one type the package name properly). Otherwise, as I described: entering a nonexisting package results into search, otherwise you'll get to the package page in pkgdb.


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