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Dragonfly Mail Agent

Hi all,

With the recent discussion about removing sendmail from the base install, has anyone taken a look at DMA? It appears to be designed with exactly the same purpose in mind -- removing the dependency on a desktop-oriented install on sendmail or postfix, while still allowing cron et. al. to function fully.

Perhaps not for F-12, but if we start looking at it now, it might be well-tested enough to be considered for the next (or second next) release afterwards.

Michel, wondering what F-12+1 will be numbered as!


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DMA updates

via DragonFly BSD Digest by Justin Sherrill on 8/29/09

DMA, the DragonFly Mail Agent, has been updated so that it can deliver email from cron job output.  DMA is a former Summer of Code project to make a local-only mailer for DragonFly systems, so that larger mail transfer agents (like Sendmail or Postfix) are not needed on a system that isn’t designed to receive mail from external sources.  There’s a TODO list (click the gitweb link) if you’d like to contribute.


Things you can do from here:


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