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NetworkManager-based packages won't rebuild to fix broken deps (was Re: rawhide report: 20090830 changes)

>>>>> Rawhide Report  writes:


A NetworkManger update has caused a number of new broken deps.  Simple
rebuilds for some of these NetworkManager-based apps are failing:

> Broken deps for i386
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> 	NetworkManager-openconnect- requires libnm_glib.so.0
> 	NetworkManager-openconnect- requires libnm_glib_vpn.so.0
> 	1:NetworkManager-openvpn-0.7.1-2.git20090714.fc12.i686 requires libnm_glib.so.0
> 	1:NetworkManager-openvpn-0.7.1-2.git20090714.fc12.i686 requires libnm_glib_vpn.so.0
> 	1:NetworkManager-pptp- requires libnm_glib.so.0
> 	1:NetworkManager-pptp- requires libnm_glib_vpn.so.0
> 	anaconda-12.17-1.fc12.i686 requires libnm_glib.so.0
> 	anaconda-12.17-1.fc12.i686 requires libaudit.so.0

e.g for

> 	mojito-0.20-2.fc12.i686 requires libnm_glib.so.0


and for: 

> 	network-manager-netbook-1.2-5.fc12.i686 requires libnm_glib.so.0


Has something changed in the API/ABI?


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