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Re: maven2 broken deps? (Re: rawhide report: 20090830 changes)

> >>>>> "AK" == Alexander Kurtakov  writes:
> >> >>>>> Rawhide Report  writes:
> >>
> >> [...]
> >>
> >> A whole slew of broken deps caused by a new maven2 have been sitting
> >> in rawhide for about the last week with no attempted rebuilds to fix
> >> it.  Anybody know what's going on?
> AK> We are working on update of maven2 to not so ancient version. Progress
> can be AK> tracked at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MavenUpdate . Currently
> we are just 2 AK> guys working on this so any help is welcome. Anybody can
> pick whatever task AK> he/she wants and help us getting it done.
> AK> P.S. Broken deps will be fixed when we manage to update maven-shared.
> Since this requires an interconnected set of dependencies, it should
> probably have been done by requesting a special build tag from
> rel-eng, like dist-f12-maven2.
> Then all rebuilds could be done against the new tag and once all was
> working correctly, then you would request a retagging back into the
> regular dist-f12 in one hit.  That way you get all the packages
> updated to the new maven2 in one hit and it can be rolled back easily
> if the entire maven doesn't make the release date.    This is how
> major updates to Python and Perl are done.
> The way it's currently done means that because you don't know how long
> it will take to update all the relevant packages, the brokeness might
> be around until F-12 and makes it harder to roll back to a last known
> good version.

Yeah, you're right but there is no last known good version - maven 2.0.4 is 
unusable to build anything(with really small exceptions) nowadays so we have 
nothing to lose.
Hopefully making the problem more visible will get someone to help us and F-12 
version will be better than the F-11 version for sure :)


> Alex

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