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Re: PolicyKit 0.9 is going away

On Saturday 29 August 2009 22:43:46 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > Anyway, this all seems to be a somewhat moot discussion, trying to nail
> > us down on a 'promise to keep the old stuff around', when there already
> > is a patch that can solve the whole dilemma.
> Looks like this is actually moot. I checked for how much of KDE really uses
> PolicyKit as of KDE 4.3. It turns out that the only user is PolicyKit-KDE
> itself. And it's kinda moot to keep the old framework around just to have
> an authentication agent no program will ever call into or an authorization
> editor for a database no other program will ever look into. ;-)

I told you that it's not used (nearly) anywhere ;-)

I proposed removal of Polkit-qt and PolicyKit-KDE - we don't need it (for 
now). It's maybe better solution than shipping incompatible library with the 
upstream one. API & ABI compatibility is broken by my patch. But the patch is 
working, need some polishing. That's not problem, compatibility is.

> So I'm retracting both my offer to maintain a compat package for PolicyKit
> 0.9 and my request to not retire it, it looks like we really don't need it
> anymore. (Well, it's pretty bad that we get PK1 forced on us before the KDE
> auth agent is ready, but that's not something a compat package could fix,
> only reverting the whole thing could.) 

Kauth actually uses old Polkit-qt but it's KDE 4.4 stuff. It should be ported 
to use PK1 - question is - port it directly to KAuth - so we don't need 
PolicyKit-Qt but Qt based library should be nice to have.

I think best way to avoid this problems is to do the same as in PackageKit - 
PolicyKit-qt should be part of PolicyKit GIT/package. David, Matthias what do 
you think? Could I ask you to join you there?

> Hopefully, by KDE 4.4, when more KDE
> stuff will actually use PolicyKit, we'll have a solution for PolicyKit 1
> support. I also hope we'll be able to provide a KDE auth agent soon (but
> for now please see our request to enable the GNOME one in KDE – we need
> SOME auth agent running in KDE ASAP to make KPackageKit work properly).


>         Kevin Kofler

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