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Re: Proposed F13 feature: drop separate updates repository

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009, Adam Williamson wrote:

On Thu, 2009-12-03 at 00:32 -0500, Seth Vidal wrote:

We wouldn't be talking about removing the original GA set - just adding
updated pkgs into the path. So you'd still have the number of pkgs -just
all in one repo, that you have to download all of the metadata for all of
the more often, despite that 15K of them don't CHANGE.

I don't think that was actually made clear in the initial proposal. I'd
been assuming that the proposal was _exactly_ to remove the GA set.
Usually, when a newer package shows up in any given repository, we don't
keep the previous version of the package, do we? So I assumed the
proposal was expecting that behaviour for the combined repository.

From a QA standpoint I'd think you'd want at least one known-installable
set of pkgs. Since everything after the original GA set is a giant questionmark.

Not to mention that removing all the old pkgs would more or less make deltarpms very difficult.


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