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Re: Proposed F13 feature: drop separate updates repository

I think that idea maybe isn't benefit with repository. 

If updates repository is merged into Everything repository, Will metadata files become too large? I know that the size of metadatas on updates and everything are more than 30 megabytes. If these two repositories compose, We will need download more than 30MB files before updating. I believe that it will decrease the advantage of delrarpm update. It will increase more time to download the files. 

Is there any way to make createrepo generate delta metadata files? Just like delta rpm, we just need to get what meta files are changed, then yum generates the entire metadata files. We exactly not need and want to download the big files. 

Additionally, if an user is far away from repository server, though ISP provides quite a good 10Mbps connection, it is still quite slow to install some big applications, such OpenOffice.org, Eclipse, Netbeans, KOffice and some 3D games. Does yum allow to download more than one rpm files with only one thread per files after checking dependencies? Or using a yum plugin to replace yum default downloader by axel to download one rpm files with multi threads. I ever found out this kind of plugin, but I can assure it can run in Fedora 12.  

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