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Re: Proposed F13 feature: drop separate updates repository

On Dec 3, 2009, at 5:28, James Antill <james fedoraproject org> wrote:

On Thu, 2009-12-03 at 10:29 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le Mer 2 décembre 2009 23:56, Matt Domsch a écrit :

On Wed, Dec 02, 2009 at 07:35:03PM +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
3. replace static mirrors with proxy-ing of kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org
(make sure it works with web infrastructure instead of fighting it)

Sorry, I don't understand this.  Can you elaborate?  That would help
me scope the impact to MirrorManager.

Right now the same package moves from master URL to master URL as it is pushed from testing to updates to GA to whatever. That means the same package gets downloaded many times over because it changed URL (and browsers, proxies, etc
understand new url = new file)

It only moves once, at least in the vast majority of cases.

My proposal is to never move a package, put it in a single unchanging place after a koji build, and just index it or not in the relevant repodata when it
gets promoted or demoted.

One problem is that atm. when it moves from testing to updates, or
rawhide to GA, it also gets resigned with a different key ... so the
bits are not the same. Having the URL be the same will not be helpful
until that changes.


That is no longer true. We used a single key for all of f11 and a single key for all of f12.


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