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Heads-up: RPM 4.8.0-beta1 about to hit rawhide

Now that FESCo has approved new major RPM version for F-13 and the public beta is officially out... it's going to hit rawhide in a few hours.

Couple of practical issues:
- Soname bump is involved, so anything directly linking to librpm
  needs to be rebuilt. This includes deltarpm, gdb, net-snmp, abrt and
  a few others.
- The new version has integrated support for extracting OCaml
  dependencies, this clashes with the existing ocaml-dependency
  extraction mechanism in Fedora. Notably rpm-build conflicts with current
  ocaml-runtime, and the ocaml build-macros need updating to let the
  integrated pieces do their work.

And of course, watch out for regressions:

From Fedora POV perhaps the biggest suspect is the python bindings as
they've seen a pretty dramatic cleanup and revamp all over. It's supposed to be compatible for the commonly used parts (eg yum certainly works fine with it) but I'd be rather surprised if some rarely used dark corner hasn't broken up.

Another thing to watch out for is installation (and erasure) ordering. The algorithm has been pretty much rewritten and produces significantly different orderings than the previous one. However note that different != incorrect, the old algorithm completely blew it up in various dependency loop cases etc. So if something worked with the previous versions but no longer does with the new beta, it doesn't automatically mean it's a bug in the new ordering code: you might've just been lucky. Any regressions in this area need to be carefully analyzed case by case to determine whether they're true regressions or just incorrect dependencies in packages.

	- Panu -

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