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Re: Fedora release criteria completely revised

On 12/07/09 23:55, Somebody in the thread at some point said:

Hi -

these pages, not nice-to-haves. You must be able to commit to the idea
that, if any criterion on the page is not met, we would slip the release in

I think it's great you guys are looking to increase Quality-with-a-capital-Q.

''9 There must be no SELinux 'AVC: denied' messages or abrt crash notifications on initial boot and subsequent login''


It might be wise to specify on what particular set of test machines or platforms you want to see not abrt stuff from. Because current F12 kernels kill a 4-core box here and iwlagn gives abrt warnings on this laptop, but it's still otherwise fine as a released kernel.

It's not realistic to hold a release until the kernel never crashes on any platform.


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