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Re: Promoting i386 version over x86_64?

On 12/08/2009 09:26 PM, Ville Skyttä wrote:
On Tuesday 08 December 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Ralf Corsepius wrote:
* More packages (rpms) to cope with.

Only if you pollute your system with 32-bit multilibs. A pure x86_64 system
doesn't have any more packages than a 32-bit one.

Fedora x86_64 repos do however carry ix86 packages around which shows in
metadata sizes and I guess to some extent in performance of some yum

and in ...
...  bandwidth demands ...
...  package dep conflicts resolution ...

... maintenance efforts (At the very point you have one true 32bit-only capable machine around, installing x86_64 on a single machine means duplicating the maintenance effort).

These probably aren't things to be generally overly concerned
about though,
... try a yum update over GSM or over a modem and you'll very soon experience what I am talking about.

and maybe not even what Ralf meant (he specifically mentioned
I was indirectly referring to this (c.f. another thread on this list earlier this week).


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