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Re: abrt issue

On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 07:47:44 -0500, Neal wrote:

> I just got a crash in kde plasma.  Traceback is not useful, because of 
> missing debug pacakges.

Seems to happen more frequently recently. The latest backtraces
I've seen in bugzilla all were missing dozens of debuginfo packages.
> I'm told I can reload after 'installing the needed packages', but
> there is no clue what packages are needed.

ABRT once told me to use debuginfo-install, but it doesn't [or can't] get
that hint right if an app uses plugins/modules from separate packages.

> A bit of a mystery.  It seems sometimes abrt will go ahead and download 
> needed debuginfo packages, but other times (like today), it doesn't, and 
> doesn't offer any clue what packages are missing.
> Either way, still not very user friendly.

It would be an improvement if it worked. With dozens of missing debuginfo
packages and missing "steps on how to reproduce a problem" the filed
tickets are close to useless.

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