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Re: abrt issue

On 12/09/2009 02:05 PM, Neal Becker wrote:
Jiri Moskovcak wrote:

On 12/09/2009 01:47 PM, Neal Becker wrote:
I just got a crash in kde plasma.  Traceback is not useful, because of
missing debug pacakges.

I'm told I can reload after 'installing the needed packages', but
there is no clue what packages are needed.

A bit of a mystery.  It seems sometimes abrt will go ahead and download
needed debuginfo packages, but other times (like today), it doesn't, and
doesn't offer any clue what packages are missing.

Weird, ABRT should tell you the exact package you should install
debuginfo for. I just tried that and abrt says this:

Reporting disabled because the backtrace is unusable.
Please try to install debuginfo manually by using command:
*debuginfo-install python*
the use the Refresh button to regenerate the backtrace.


Yes, I've gotten messages like this sometimes, and that's what I was looking
for.  But not today.

Maybe related?
Dec  9 07:50:11 localhost abrtd: New crash, saving
Dec  9 07:50:11 localhost abrtd: Activation of plugin 'RunApp' was not
successful: Plugin 'RunApp' is not registered

This shouldn't be related, but I'm wondering where did you get the line "reload after 'installing the needed packages'" it doesn't come from ABRT. If ABRT thinks the BT is ok it won't give you any advice, but if the developer wants you to install additional debuginfo packages, then the formula is quite simple if the refresh button fails then:

$ debuginfo-install <the-name-of-the-package-where-crash-occured>
and it should handle the rest.

or you can try:

$ yum update abrt --enablerepo=testing and try the updated version which should fix some problems with debuginfo installing.

fn:Jiri Moskovcak
email;internet:jmoskovc redhat com

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