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Re: Help wanted with dist-cvs to git conversion

On Thu, 10 Dec 2009, Jesse Keating wrote:

I'm currently playing with a utility called parsecvs to convert our cvs
stuff into git.  This utility can also translate the raw usernames that
CVS has into more useful names+email addresses that you'd typically get
out of git.  But to make this conversion it needs a translation file.

It would be really helpful if somebody could generate a file for me that
is in the format of:

<username>=<firstname> <lastname> <email>


jkeating=Jesse Keating <jkeating fedoraproject org>
notting=Bill Nottingham <notting fedoraproject org>

For the initial testing, just giving every user a @feodraproject.org
domain would be sufficient, however we should have a discussion about
whether to use this email address or to use the user's real email

I just did this on fedorapeople.org not against fas but I suspect that's the same set of users.

#!/usr/bin/python -tt

import pwd

for pw in pwd.getpwall():
    if pw.pw_uid < 10000:
    msg='%s=%s <%s fedoraproject org>' % (pw.pw_name, pw.pw_gecos,
    print msg

the file with these contents is in my homedir on fedorapeople.org as: wacky-list-for-git

if you want me to do it directly talking to fas I'll do it in the morning.

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