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Re: Help wanted with dist-cvs to git conversion

I have only successfully pushed up one package, but I'll tell you that I don't like having my personal email address attached to it. An fp.o email address alias would be preferable to me. I can immediately have my account filter all emails sent to fp.o and deal with it there. 

It makes me somewhat uncomfortable to have my personal email address floating around unprotected in the internet. I am aware the same thing happens when I post in a mailing list, but it's somewhat protected there.

2009/12/12 Björn Persson <bjorn xn--rombobjrn-67a se>
Seth Vidal wrote:
> And let me put it this way: if fedora decides to post my non @fp.o address
> somewhere, like in git entries, I'm going to be extremely pissed off about
> it.

As for me, I don't mind publishing my real email address but I would prefer
not to have my fedoraproject.org alias published where the spammers can find
it. I don't particularly like having forwarding aliases created for me, but if
you have to give me one then please don't publish it.

I have a spam blocker that makes my address pretty much unspammable. It's
unspammable even if the spam comes through a forwarding alias, but in that
case backscatter may be generated. The spam blocker is implemented such that
my own server never sends out backscatter, but I naturally have no control
over the fedoraproject.org server or other forwarding servers. Therefore I try
to avoid using forwarding aliases in ways that might allow spammers to find
them, not because it affects me but to be nice to other netizens who don't have
as effectual spam blockers as I have.

Björn Persson

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