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Re: Wiki Feature Dashboard Additional Category

Daniel Hendrycks said the following on 12/12/2009 10:03 AM Pacific Time:
Hi, my name is Daniel Hendrycks <http://my.opera.com/DanielHendrycks/>.

I have a suggestion for the Fedora Wiki Feature Request Dashboard:

The wiki page explaining how to properly request a feature had a link to another wiki article telling you what to do if you cannot implement a feature yourself. Within this article it never did state you need a developer willing to implement but in actuality you do. It is a requirement in your feature request to have someone willing to implement your request.

Which wiki page is talks about not being able to implement a feature yourself? I'll try to make it clearer.

My request is have a section in the feature process dashboard for features without a developer. Features would be placed in that category after being approved by the Feature Wrangler (poelcat). The feature request must specify that the feature does not have a developer for it to be put in that category (obviously). This would be more convenient for the person wanting that feature. Feature request owners would not have to hunt down developers and ask them to implement the feature for them (this would annoy some community developers at the same and worsen the Fedora Community). Instead developers could just look at what requests have no developer and contact the owner of the feature and include their name in the request, they would then be re-checked by the Feature Wrangler and hopefully transfered to FESCo for further evaluation.

I am suggesting the request would be placed in the "Feature has no developer" (possible name of the category) section after being approved by the Feature Wrangler because this will indicate that the request meets all requirements except that it does not have a developer. Since it meets all requirements possible developers will not have to read a broken (incomplete) request, this would make developers more likely to check.

This is an interesting idea. I'm not sure how it would work in reality. Chances are someone deciding to work on a feature will add or make changes to the design proposed by someone else.

Summary: Have a section in the Feature Request Dashboard for features without a developer. From there developers can volunteer there skills to implement this feature if later on approved by FESCo.

Thank you for your time,
Daniel Hendrycks :)

Topics of this nature are best discussed on fedora-devel-list which is where I'm moving this post The websites list has nothing to do with the features process.

You have an interesting idea about tagging feature pages needing an owner. In reality that pretty much represents all the pages in 'Category:FeaturePageIncomplete' If they had an active owner or developer working on the feature they wouldn't be there.


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