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Re: dist-git proof of concept phase 1 complete

Jesse Keating wrote:
> I'm willing to listen to other opinions on this.  Personally I'd
> really rather not change the meaning of origin/master.  "devel"
> would show up as a directory in the "classic" view only to match
> what CVS did.  I'd even be willing to make two directories, one a
> symlink to the other.  You'd get kernel/master and you'd also get
> kernel/devel as a symlink to kernel/master

My thinking is that we don't use origin/next or origin/maint either
and both are common upstream in git and the kernel.

While origin/master is common, for our use, 'git push origin devel' (or
rawhide) makes more sense as it matches the use for other branches,
git push origin F-12.  There's nothing magical or required about using
master as the main branch.

Whether other users will be more confused by the incongruity of master
versus devel or that it differs from what they think git may require,
I don't know.

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