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RE: packages requiring me to reboot...

On Tue, 2009-12-15 at 12:01 -0600, Otto Haliburton wrote:

> I am not sure what the argument is, factually there are packages that have
> files open, locks and etc. that need to be shutdown to update, if they are
> running and you replace the executable, doesn't mean that the memory image
> is replaced.  It is quicker and simpler to just reboot, also the list of the
> packages that cause you to reboot is probably longer than the ones that are
> flagged.  I think that a reboot should be made whether necessary or not,
> clears up a lot of grief.

Wow. That's twice today that the suggestion of forcing the user to
reboot whether they like it or not has been made. What a long way we've
come since the early days :) Personally, I think a dialog box is pretty
simple for most users (no forcing, just persuasion), and allows those
who know what they're doing to ignore it. And obviously reducing the
number of times you ask to just absolute necessity is a win-win.

But please, no more forced reboot suggestions. This isn't MSFT.


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