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Re: dist-git proof of concept phase 1 complete

On Tue, 2009-12-15 at 12:35 -0800, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

> master makes a lot of sense from a git perspective.  devel (or rawhide)
> makes sense from what we actually call the code that that branch eventually
> makes.  A symlink might alleviate the confusion but it could also add to it.
> (For instance, I was operating in the kernel/devel branch but when I want to
> git checkout -b devel git gives me a strange error.)
> I don't see a clear answer for what's best here, yet. :-(

I think those of us who follow rawhide will quickly realize the change
in naming (ok maybe a symbol is vaguely useful, and also needs to be
explained somewhere when people inevitably ask) and move on. Conversely,
someone who is new or hasn't followed "devel" branches before should
just be able to use git how they have elsewhere and it should work.

Summary: easier to make life easier for new developers.


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