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Re: dist-git proof of concept phase 1 complete

Simo Sorce wrote:
> But for anyone that does not using "master" as the default branch
> will be a problem. If you never used git you have to learn a lot of
> things anyway.

I think the target audience is not mostly git users.  Most of the SCM
integration will be wrapped up in fedpkg calls anyway.  For those who
are not long time git users, there seems to be no compelling reason to
expose the devel branch as master -- and have to explain or document
that "F-n matches origin/F-n, expect for devel, which matches
origin/master because that's the default."

Those who are long time git users surely ought to know that master is
the convention, but is certainly not forced on you by git in any way.

Simo, is there a particular problem you are thinking of by not having
"master" as the default branch?

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