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Re: packages requiring me to reboot...

On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, Nathanael D. Noblet wrote:

So again today, I see some updates two of which require a full system reboot.

nfs-utils and ibus-rawcode. My system seriously needs to be shut down for those to be properly updated? This is what I don't get. nfs-utils never got a system reboot before, it doesn't get one on RHEL/Centos boxes... What requires a reboot here? Again, I don't want the tone of this email to come off as anger, rude or whatever, mainly I'm wondering why so many packages require a reboot, why isn't nfs-utils just restarting any services it has or that depend on it if needed? Is that not reliable?

you're an experienced user? You're comfortable knowing what does and what does not require a reboot? Then why are you using PK?

Disable pk and do the updates directly via yum.

Bam - no more requests to reboot.


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