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Re: packages requiring me to reboot...

On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, Nathanael D. Noblet wrote:

seems like a package basically has complex upgrade issues, so we
reboot. Are there other tags packages can have other than reboot?
Should there be? etc etc..


The reason for this is that PKs target audience is not someone like me, and as such no need to provide different messages per package?

No, the reason for this is there is not more to go on, yet. I would love to require more detailed info on the update including if it is an important/trivial/security/packaging/upstream-update or what not fix.

Hands are needed to help advance this. Care to lend one?

And again. PK is not designed for you. The 'reboot often' solution is
not FOR you.

I said this earlier on another subject but you shouldn't be shocked that
camels are slow swimmers.

So basically, PK is designed for the non-experienced users, as such everything it does is dumbed down, and experienced users should just ignore it, using other tools to keep their system up to date.

If what the experienced user wants to do is not something that PK can do or can be configured to do then, yes, disable it and move along.

Hell, same thing is true of yum. If you really know what you're doing and yum is in your way then stop using it.

So one last question then, in the case of nfs-utils, (ignoring for now any nfs specific restart/condrestart issues). The packaging guidlines will continue to require that a post update script does what is sensible for an update, and not just depend on the admin rebooting their server?

the post scripts do what is sensible, on many occasions restarting the daemon will not ensure that the new sw is in use and in other occasions there is no graceful way to restart.

so your options are:

1. don't restart but ask the user to
2. restart and drop whatever connections are active.

neither are great.


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