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Re: packages requiring me to reboot...

On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, Nathanael D. Noblet wrote:

Hands are needed to help advance this. Care to lend one?

Yes. I'm attempting to become more involved. I've submitted my first package, and am going through the review process. That doesn't help in this particular case, but I am not complaining for the sake of complaining. I want to help. I fully realize what I use daily for work is the result of many people like you who build this stuff. Thus my desire to become part of it.

What can I do here?

How much python do you know? We need some time spent on the updateinfo.xml and what information we provide there and tying this in with what info is required from packagers submitting updates to their pkgs.

Another good angle to approach is to talk to the folks in fedora-qa and see where they can use a hand.


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