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Re: autofs not installed by default

Hi Todd,

2009/12/17 Todd Volkert <tvolkert gmail com>:
Hi all,
The past few Fedora installs, I've specified a NIS server during the
Anaconda installation so I don't have to create any local user accounts.
 However, once installation is complete, I can't log into any NIS accounts
because autofs insn't installed, causing the user accounts' home folders to
not be mounted.  I have to sign in as root, install autofs, then all is
My question is: shouldn't autofs be installed by default, as part of the
base installation?

Sounds like you're running Fedora on a bunch of machines. How are you doing the installs? Are you using a simple install DVD for every machine that comes your way?

Since your environment is running a setup that's different than 95% of the end user environments, it might be more prudent to use a kickstart file with your installs. This will guarantee that autofs is present on every machine from the beginning. Depending on your environment, there are a number of different ways you can deliver your kickstart to your machines at install time.


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