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Re: autofs not installed by default

Hi Yaakov,

Thanks for the response.  I'm actually only installing it on one local machine, but I upgrade every Fedora release and have noticed this behavior the past few releases.  I work at VMware, where every developer can install whatever OS they want to work in, and in Linux, you use ypbind to get access to your network login and shared folders.  Thus, I'm using a simple install DVD.  I'll look into a kickstart file, though for one machine, it sounds like it might not be worth it.

It just makes me wonder if perhaps the ypbind package should depend on the autofs package...


On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 9:40 AM, Yaakov Nemoy <loupgaroublond gmail com> wrote:
Hi Todd,

2009/12/17 Todd Volkert <tvolkert gmail com>:

Hi all,
The past few Fedora installs, I've specified a NIS server during the
Anaconda installation so I don't have to create any local user accounts.
 However, once installation is complete, I can't log into any NIS accounts
because autofs insn't installed, causing the user accounts' home folders to
not be mounted.  I have to sign in as root, install autofs, then all is
My question is: shouldn't autofs be installed by default, as part of the
base installation?

Sounds like you're running Fedora on a bunch of machines. How are you doing the installs? Are you using a simple install DVD for every machine that comes your way?

Since your environment is running a setup that's different than 95% of the end user environments, it might be more prudent to use a kickstart file with your installs. This will guarantee that autofs is present on every machine from the beginning. Depending on your environment, there are a number of different ways you can deliver your kickstart to your machines at install time.


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