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Re: dist-git proof of concept phase 2 ready for testing

On 12/19/2009 12:31 AM, Jesse Keating wrote:
Phase two, write access with ACLs, is ready for testing.  Please not
that URLs have changed since my original announcement.

git clone ssh://[fedoraaccount ]pkgs fedoraproject org/<package>

will get you a cone via ssh, in which you can git pull and git push.

The repos are the same from phase1, although I've done a few commits
here and there to test things.  They are not tied to the CVS repos, so
changes you make here are truly throw away.

Please test cloning and writing to packages and branches of packages
that you would normally have write access to, or normally would /not/
have write access to.  I'm interested in seeing both of those cases

Thanks again for your help in this project!

Checked that I can checkout yumex and commit at change to yumex.spec to master and F-12 branch.

Checked hat I can checkout kernel (F-10 and master) and i get a

W access for kernel DENIED to timlau
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

If i try to commit some changes to the kernel.spec

So it look like it work as expected.


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