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Re: dist-git proof of concept phase 2 ready for testing

On Sat, 2009-12-19 at 12:41 -0500, Ray Strode wrote:
> So one thing I tried is to create a custom topic branch (a la private-
> branches in pkgs cvs), and pushing it failed.
> Is this something we want to support? Or should topic branches be
> pushed to separate private respositories? 

We definitely want to allow topic branches pushed to the main repo.  I
think we'll have to agree on a namespace to use for these, perhaps
following the dist-cvs example and call them private-*

The way the ACL system works is that it matches on the refs you're
pushing up, so for packages that have per-branch ACLs only the refs that
match the branch have ACLs on them, and the assumption is that without
an ACL you have no rights to it.  That's likely why your push failed,
but I'd like to see the message to confirm.  It shouldn't be too hard to
tweak the ACL creation script to add W access to anybody who has W
access already to the private-* namespace.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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