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Re: v4l applications

Have you made a cvs request, so you can commit the spec directly?

Not yet.

Once that said there are few things I dislike in your src.rpm:
- The original source code of fmtools-2.0 doesn't seems present.

It is not on the site yet.
(same problem as fmcontrol),

fmcontrol just has a dead link on fmtools site.
but I expect it to be present when the
release will be made official.

- You don't install with -p

- the desktop file could be bundled within the original source code and :
X-Desktop-File-Install-Version=0.15 should only be added by
desktop-file-install on %install
- Requires: tk seems a big dependency for a simple cmd line tool as
fmtools, Can you sub-package tkradio ? (or submit another package for
it ?)

I created fmtools-tkradio, a noarch subpackage.
- You haven't keept the changelog from the fedora package, Can you
rebase on it ?

The changelog is back.



Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

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