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Re: Pyclutter Timelines -- what am I missing?

On Sat 19 December 2009 10:58:26 pm you wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to use Pyclutter to get a nice working interface for
>  Fedora-tour since standard pygtk doesn't really fit the needs for the
>  dynamic user interface we want to create.
> Unfortunately, the code I'm trying to use to create a Timeline doesn't
>  work, and the documentation on pyclutter seems to be fairly sparse.

Alright, so I dropped the timeline for now, working to get a simple UI to at 
least show up, without the timeline support; now I have a segfault 
(wonderful!) in the _clutter.so which pyclutter calls. I'm not sure how to get 
a useful backtrace out of this from python code, unfortunately.

What follows is my code:

window is created in the method that calls this constructor, it's a fresh 
window with only window.show() called on it.

def __init__(self,window):
        self.window = window
        embed = cluttergtk.Embed()
        fedoraLogoActor = clutter.Texture("../data/fedora-tour-splash.svg")
        stage = embed.get_stage()

the pdb trace tells me that the segfault occurs at self.window.show_all()... 
Any ideas/guidance would be MUCH appreciated :) thanks


Ryan Rix
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