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Re: look at this: samsung nc10 bootchart with mobil V2

Brian Maly wrote:
Simo Sorce wrote:

Why fedora's udev seem to slow down another bit while moblin's udev seem
not ?
The second udev is just more rules.

What about parallelizing udev and rc like in moblin ? Any gotcha there ?


What would happen if you parallelizing udev and rc on some ancient piece of hardware? Im thinking you might not ever get to a boot screen. But you could check to see what sort of CPU you have and parallelize conditionally if the hardware can handle it. Conceptually I think parallelizing this stuff is a novel idea. Its feasible in that its been done (i.e. the demo). And if we could optimize udev a bit we might gain a few more seconds there too.
Good topic of discussion anyway...


And how do you know, that an rc script does not need a device, which is created by udev?

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