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Re: Package review SIG work

> I would like see if it's possible to get the package review SIG moving
> again.  I personally have been very low on time since Fudcon but
> things are starting to let up.
> I have two questions:
> Who is interested in working with a package review SIG?  I'll include
> some possible SIG agenda items at the end of this message.

I still am.  As you've, my review work has slowed to a trickle, but I
think that only highlights the importance. . .

> How should the SIG conduct business?
> Within Fedora this generally happens via IRC meetings, but I'm not
> sure how that would work out because we really do have reviewers from
> all over the planet and picking a single time for an IRC meeting will
> inevitably leave some folks out.  Plus there's been some recent
> backlash relating to conducting business on IRC which I'm sensitive
> to.
> So, I see a couple of options:
> 1) Have more than one meeting time and rotate through them.
> 2) Figure out how to conduct reasonable business (with an agenda,
>    time-limited discussion and votes) on a mailing list.

This works better for me given $_DAYJOB and children.  Maybe set an expiry
date/time (value TBD) in the subject of each discussion thread?

> I am willing to handle the various duties while the SIG gets
> organized.  I will follow this thread for a couple of days and
> summarize the responses.
> Here's a random list of potential SIG agenda items:
> Getting https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Package_Review into shape.
> Dealing with significantly time-consuming reviews and possible
> multiple-reviewer scenarios.  Should the SIG identify these reviews
> and attempt to parcel them out to groups of reviewers?

Based on what criteria?  What makes a multi-reviewer review?

> Addressing the growing number of NEEDSPONSOR tickets.

I was thinking about this.  What if we had something that sent a weekly
spam to the sponsors list with the ten oldest NEW && NEEDSPONSOR reviews?

> Forming a merge review priority list: finishing up the
> F9MergeReviewTarget ticket and identifying the next set of reviews to
> tackle.

I've been chipping away at this, but some are beyond my depth, and others
are in process but stalled, sometimes after massive work, and are
intimdating to get in the middle of.

> Metrics.
> Proposing to manage the ReviewGuidelines document.
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