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Re: Fedora tested in c't: grub missing feature

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
What defines a distribution? For fedora right now doesn't that pretty
much comes down to checking the fedora-release package version in the
installed rpmdb?

We aren't going to be doing that sort of thing for slackware-esque or
debian-esque or foresight-esque or gentoo-esque distros. We may be
able to detect opensuse or other rpm based systems that
way...maybe...if the rpm databases are compatible with the rpm we
Do we *need* to know what is the distro ?
Can't we just say that: we found others OS here and there do you want to add them to the boot loader ?

If I understand that someone that install a linux beside its windows might have no idea how Linux works (I was the first time I did it) and guess someone that install several linux next to each other would have some knowledge about what he is doing.



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